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Introduction Post

Hello and welcome!
This is the creative works community of donnanobles.
Actually, reading that back, it sounds a lot more official than it actually is. It also gives the impression that I am good, which I most definitely am not.
This community is essentially a way of getting my 'creative juices' flowing, as they say; a place where I can get imaginative, but also giving me a chance to shift my concentration to something less stressful than schoolwork - a pastime, if you will.
The community is completely public, but is a closed membership community, meaning that only I can post here. However, but you can watch it to get updates to your friends list. If you use any icons, please credit them to either donnanobles or creasetherain - they are not bases so please do not take them and edit them, or repost them and then claim them as your own.
But anyway, I will mostly be posting icons and picspams of various television shows and films. You can check the interests on my profile to find out which shows and films I'll be posting the most, although a lot of the films probably won't be on there unless they're an all time favourite. Alternatively, you can check the tags page for all tags on all posts.
I'm really quite looking forward to getting this community really underway (because although I'm not Van Gogh or Picasso reincarnated when it comes to icon making, I do quite enjoy doing it), so the only thing I can say now is that I hope you enjoy it too!
Fishy, x
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